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Message from the President


Welcome to our new web site « SAFARELEC »

SAFARELEC operates in a business area well known for its strong competition and continuing mutation but yet it can manage to adapt its business practices to all these constrains thanks to its unique strategy. The company is banking on its experience to extend capacities to a challenging level taking into account the markets expectations both locally and on a regional side (west africa) while focusing on the core businesss that made its sucess story . As a confirmation of this fruitful strategy , SAFARELEC was selected to be part of the “IMTIAZ” program , an incentive scheme designed to support companies featuring strong growth potential and involved in development projects. Our services are based on performing organizations , value added generating processes and a real know-how in human resources management .

In terms of communication and CRM concept , we are displaying our web site as a front door to release comprehensive information on our products and services as well as the necessary layouts for the RFP and call for tenders. This web site will work on a dynamic status and will progress in time to translate trend in techniques and technology reached by SAFARELEC.

Enjoy visiting our web site