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QHSE policy

QHSE commitment & policy

Quality ,Health & safety of the human resources are managed within a global approach that improves our contribution to our sustainable development strategy . In doing so , we are responding to the expectations of all stakeholders : the contracting parties ( customers , suppliers , employees , shareholders) & the non-contracting ones ( the civil society).

As part of the above ,Our priority focus is granted to the following issues :

Communicate around our QHSE policy

Identify the impacts related to the activity

Prevent the occurrence of all kind of accident or pollution

Reduce the use of water and products

Improve the waste management scheme

Enhance working skills for the employee

Be acquainted with the risks linked to our activities

Implement the prevention means at all operations level

Ensure continuing governance in decision making

Abide by corporate citizenship and responsibility towards civil society

Deliver full Customer satisfaction

Indicators are put in place to follow up on objectives achievement and help track our impacts on the environment .

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